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2018 Winter Holiday Schedule

Keating and UPS Closed: Christmas Day (Dec. 25, 2018), New Year’s Day (Jan. 1, 2019)

Please add an additional day when scheduling your cases for the above dates. Restricted UPS services are available on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31.

Visit ups.com and enter Holiday Schedule in the Search Box for details on restrictions.

Dr. David W. Eggleston, DDS is our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast. We sit down with Dr. Eggleston and chat about his experience on the legal side of Dentistry as a “Dental Specialist”. He explains how legal cases are viewed in the Dental Industry and dives into the process from beginning to end.  We also talk about his 50+ years experience in the Dental Field and his passion for fitness.

Dental Lab Products & Services

Exemplary Service | Made In The USA

Part surgical guide, part implant locator and part aesthetic temporary, The Delineator™ is a cost-effective tool for ensuring a successful implant case. Save chair time, ensure ideal outcomes and provide aesthetic provisional temporaries with The Delineator™

KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic® is the latest addition to the KDZ Bruxer product offering from Keating Dental Arts. This highly esthetic restorative material is designed specifically for the anterior region of the mouth. Exhibiting an average flexural strength of 650 MPa, it incorporates high translucency and color that matches natural dentition.

Part surgical guide, part implant locator and part esthetic temporary, The Delineator™ is a cost-effective tool for ensuring a successful implant case. Save chair time, ensure ideal outcomes and provide esthetic provisional temporaries with The Delineator™

With zirconia formulated by Keating Dental Arts’ research and development team to meet our demanding standards for durability and aesthetics, KDZ Bruxer® crowns are the most esthetic monolithic zirconia restorations on the market.


Keating is a Certified Dental Laboratory. CDL certification is a voluntary process where our laboratory takes extra steps to make sure we are at the top of our field. We are certified with peer-defined standards, which measure the quality of our products and professionalism of our services.


“Keating Dental Arts’ efficiency and turnaround is amazing. One of my favorite things about Keating that I’ve never found in a lab before is the personalized attention and customer service. It’s like working with a team or a real family environment!”

Dr. Tracy Taddey, DDS
La Jolla Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Keating Dental Arts: A Full-Service Dental Laboratory

Can a laboratory add value to a dental practice? Keating Dental Arts most definitely can! Keating Dental Arts is an award-winning, full-service dental laboratory located in Irvine, California. Established in 2002, we strive to do business with this simple thought in mind: to add value to your dental practice.

Shaun Keating, CDT

Lab Owner

Founding Keating Dental Arts in 2002, Shaun Keating, CDT, brought the same attention to detail that made him a master technician to the task of leading a growing business. Over the course of a decade, his lab’s eye for detail and demand for the highest level of craftsmanship established Keating Dental Arts as a dominant force in the dental laboratory arena. Developing the KDZ Bruxer® line of restorative materials sets KDA apart as an industry leader in zirconia solutions.

Dental Up Podcast

Exclusively Produced by Keating Dental Arts

Dental Up is your source for everything dental. Shaun Keating and clinical guests talk about truth and analytics in a no-holds-barred approach with topics that include industry standards, innovations, education, technology and patient care.

Latest on the Dental Up Podcast

How Keating Dental Arts Supports You


Dental Education | Technology with Keating

Many dentists enter the profession with a goal of mastering their skills. At Keating, we look to continuously improve the profession by guiding the latest developments in materials and processes.

Pioneers and Advocates

Keating Dental Arts is a firm believer that every dentist has the capability to practice aesthetic dentistry at its highest and most rewarding levels. Because of this, we’ve pioneered the hands-on approach to instruction using live patients.


Dental Education | Technology with Keating
  • Understanding the importance of occlusion when designing the smile
  • Systematic advanced smile design, including utilizing a soft-tissue laser to alter gingival contours
  • Step-by-step veneer and anterior crown preparation, including when and how to utilize the “prepless and minimal prep” veneer
  • Step-by-step, predictable veneer provisionalization using the “Shrink to Fit” technique
  • Aesthetic material update and review, including dentinal adhesion, cementation options and ceramic systems ideal to maximizing aesthetics
  • Step-by-step veneer cementation using the “Tack & Wave” technique
  • Finishing and polishing of all ceramic restorations
  • Advanced techniques: ovate, all-ceramic bridges, aesthetic implant designs, aesthetic post & core systems, and much more…

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