Shaun Keating, CDT


Shaun Keating, CDT

Lab Owner

"Living the Dream"

If you knew Shaun Keating when he was a teenager in Huntington Beach, California. In the late ’70s, it probably wouldn’t be a surprise to discover he heads up one of the biggest dental laboratories in the United States. After all, he was already helping his older brother, a dentist, out with his casework when he was still in junior high.

When his brother became head of his senior class at the University of Southern California’s dental school, Shaun was inspired to pursue a career of his own in the industry. It clearly proved to be a good decision, as he quickly rose through the ranks from waxer and metal finisher to dental ceramist until becoming the Crown and Bridge Manager for a major laboratory.

Founder of Keating Dental Arts and Community Leader

From there, the next step was logical: start his own laboratory. Founding Keating Dental Arts in 2002, Shaun brought the same attention to detail that made him a master technician to the task of leading a growing business. Over the course of a decade, his lab’s eye for detail and demand for the highest level of craftsmanship established Keating Dental Arts as a dominant force in the dental industry, developing the KDZ family of restorative materials.

As an established force in the industry, Shaun also prides himself on his devotion to serving his family and his community. He’s served as a Little League and Youth Football coach for years, while sponsoring several local charities. He frequently contributes restorative work to dentists who serve disadvantaged children, battered women, the mentally ill and traumatized.

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