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All-Ceramic Dental Lab Restoration Products

No matter the case, there’s a Keating Dental Arts all-ceramic material perfect for your indication, from posterior bridges to anterior crowns. Manufactured by expert technicians on our industry-leading CAD/CAM workflow for maximum precision, every all-ceramic restoration is hand finished for stunning esthetics, and undergoes seven quality-control checkpoints before it ships to ensure every case seats quickly with minimal chairside adjustment.

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The standard for full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges, KDZ Bruxer® was developed for long-lasting, lifelike restorations. Precision-milled for a fit with little chairside adjustment and hand-finished by an expert ceramist, it’s a premium monolithic restoration at an everyday price.
Predictability, strength, aesthetics and ease of use are of primary importance when placing implant supported crowns. The new KDZ Bruxer SRZ delivers all of these. It's especially nice not to have to worry about excess cement that we often times see. Digitally fabricated means a perfect seat every time!
When a case demands craftsmanship as well as esthetics that go beyond conventional PFM, look no further than KDZ Ultra®. Keating Dental Arts’ signature take on porcelain fused to zirconia restorations, KDZ Ultra® balances the precision of digitally fabricated substructures with the esthetics of hand-layered porcelain.
Bring monolithic zirconia strengths into the facial zone with KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic®. Developed to provide translucency comparable to lithium disilicate, KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic® provides the natural shading and durability that doctors have come to trust trust from the Bruxer name.
An all-ceramic restoration that leverages the experience of our team of expert ceramists, IPS e.max® Press restorations provide the strongest, most esthetic lithium disilicate crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays available.
The new gold standard for pressed single-unit crowns, IPS Empress® delivers high translucency as well as the “chameleon effect” of leucite glass ceramics that allow it to mimic natural shading better than any other shading.
At Keating Dental we offer both KDA™ Foil Veneers and IPS emax veneers. Our platinum foil ceramic veneers are ideal for cases requiring minimal preparation (.2-.3mm). These polychromatic porcelain veneers are vital and have an excellent fit.

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