Howard Farran, DDS, MBA

Dr. Howard Farran is one of the most forward-thinking, cutting-edge dentists in the world. Come and enjoy his fast-paced, straight-from-the-hip, politically incorrect, exhilarating style while you learn more in one lecture than you ever thought possible.

Dr. Farran’s MBA in a Day

CE credits: 5
Times: 8am-2pm

Keating Dental Arts
16881 Hale ave
Irvine, CA 92606

Course Description:

This course will provide the tools needed to help build a rewarding, meaningful and profitable dental office. Applying these tools provides the ultimate staffing formula to create high energy for performance under stress, while still achieving daily goals. In addition, teaching how to control your account receivables with bonuses, and the three things you manage: people, time and money. These practices will ultimately turn patients into raving fans.

Topics include:

  • Basic business fundamentals
  • Dental Practice profitability with diminished stress
  • Staffing formula for a highly motivated team
  • Profitable practice marketing
  • Learn to manage: people, time and money

Course Objectives:

Dr. Farran’s “One-Hour Dental MBA” lecture shows how you can help build a remarkable dental office that will make a difference to your community. Spend the day learning practical hands-on applications that can be immediately translated to your own practice, no matter what your role is in the dental office.


Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, is a practicing dentist & noted international lecturer with over two decades of experience. He graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry, and earned his MBA from ASU. He is the Founder & CEO of Dentaltown Magazine and, and has authored many articles and video series.

Course Topics:

  • Learn how to apply time-tested MBA-level management to your office
  • Learn how to build a winning team without any hype, fluff or wishful thinking.
  • Learn how to get twice as much done in half the time while reducing your stres
  • Understand how to learn and commit to operations and logistics, instead of chaos and guesswork.
  • Learn to focus your practice: market differentiation, cost leadership and niche market.
  • Learn which sectors in dentistry are growing faster with higher net income so you can focus your practice for profitability.
  • Learn how to develop a relationship-based practice instead of a product-based practice.
  • Increase treatment plan acceptance by understanding market segmentation and price elasticity.

Location: Irvine, CA

Fee: Cost $199, KDA Customers $99

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