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Product Spotlight on Ceramic & Porcelain Veneers

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It's no secret that many dentists are frustrated by the veneer market: it seems like you either have to pay astronomical prices for quality veneers, or they come badly molded, off color, or late.

Veneers are a standard product that all dentists rely on, and a consistently high quality product is critical for offices who need to order many veneers every year. We know this, and we cater our business to solving this pain point for our customers by creating quality, affordable veneers.

Bruxer® SRZ Dental Implants

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Bruxer® SRZ dental implants are strong, stable, and provide an excellent, natural look. Bruxer® SRZ crowns eliminate the risk of implant failure, which can be caused by excess subgingival cementation.

These dental implants are now emerging as one of the most popular dental restoration solutions, and are popular among patients and dentists alike.

A Dental Case Study: App-Based Reminders for Orthodontic Patients

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A recent study on app-based reminders demonstrates the connection between technology and dentistry to improve patient care. The study, performed in Riyadh, measured the efficacy of app-based reminders that notified orthodontic patients three times a day to clean their teeth1.

Case Study: Measuring Antibiotic Use by Dentists

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Antibiotics are widely used in the dental industry. However, the use of antibiotics by both general dentists and dental restoration specialists is not well understood. As such, a study was conducted to evaluate the duration of antibiotics prescribed, as well as variation in the antibiotics used . By better understanding antibiotic use1, dentists will be able to better determine whether their own habits are conforming to accepted standards.

A Dental Case Study: Color Correction Techniques for Class IV Restorations

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Color matching is one of the more difficult parts of a dental restoration, but also vital to the process. Patients will frequently reject non-harmonic restorations, and it's important to get it right on the first attempt to save time and resources. Recently, researchers conducted a study to test a color correction technique that can be used to change the final color of dental restorations and to increase harmonic acceptance.

Technology Spotlight: The Value of Digital Radiography in Dentistry

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Digital radiography is a growing sector of the dental technology industry, and offers an efficient work flow and improved file access. And while the dental x-ray market is projected to grow significantly over the coming years, there are a few hurdles digital x-ray systems need to overcome before they’re more readily used.

The Dentists’ Guide to Getting Reinspired

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Dentists are known as a group of passionate, skilled professionals, but even they at times need some help getting reinspired. There are moments, regardless of your love for the job, where you will wonder what you’re doing and if you’re having an effect on patients. We get it!

When you have your head down moving from patient to patient, it’s hard to get a full picture of what’s happening and how you’re helping.

So this is the dentists’ guide to getting reinspired.

Product Spotlight: Atlantis™ Abutments

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Atlantis™ abutments helps you manage costs without sacrificing quality and peace of mind. Made by Dentsply to their exacting standards in a FDA 510(k) facility, your patients will experience an ideal interface and fit with a number of dental implant platforms.

Made for over 50 platforms from ten major implant manufacturers, these dental implant abutments suit all patient needs. Manufacturers include Straumann®, Zimmer, Nobel Biocare®, and Camlog.

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