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What Patients Are Looking for in Their Next Dentist

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When patients are looking for their next dentist, there are often a similar set of attributes they want the dentist to meet. Do you know what those are for your practice? It often includes characteristics like helpful staff, easy access, and your knowledge. When you make a patient visit simple and efficient, you can create a patient for life.

Using 3D Printing in Dentistry

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As 3D printing has grown, the medical community — especially dentistry — has begun to see its potential. The technology is becoming more accessible, and companies are developing materials that are safe to use for medical devices. 3D printing has begun to change the dental industry, from impression trays to tools to implants.

The Importance of Using a Quality Dental Lab

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When choosing a dental lab for your practice, it’s important to find one with the right team and technology. A quality dental lab will focus on building the best team possible, from the continued training to sourcing the best materials possible.

Why Dental Restorations Should Be Your Valentine This Year

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Valentine’s Day is almost here; is your dental office celebrating? Aside from the candy hearts and chocolate in the break room, there’s something else you need: a valentine. And while sure, your spouse or partner is likely your choice, we’re suggesting another that’s a bit less obvious: dental restorations.

Using e.max Press Lithium Disilicate Restorations in Your Dental Practice

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While we often talk about our KDZ Bruxer or other zirconia dental restorations, the e.max Press is ideal for many uses in your dental practice. Each restoration is made by hand in our lab by our team of talented ceramists. Whether you’re looking for a posterior crown or veneers, these e.max Press dental restorations will give your patients a superior restoration.

The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Hygienist

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With the holidays fast approaching, you need to remember the perfect holiday gift for your hygienist. Because we all know hygienists are those in the office with the real power. They keep our favorite gloves stocked and our preferred tools at the ready, all while serving our patients.

Finding Your Dental Laboratory Resource Downloadable eBook

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Looking for only the highest quality dental restorations delivered in a timely fashion with attentive customer service? Today’s innovative laboratories strive to provide the perfect blend of technical expertise, personal service, and dependable results, and strong relationships based on communication and feedback.

Why Your Dental Practice Should be Using Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a key piece of the marketing puzzle for dentists. While social media has value, the algorithms can keep patients from seeing your content, but emails will always make their way into inboxes. But, email marketing is more than sending an email every once in a while. It’s a strategic way to share information with your patients on a predictable schedule.

Halloween Treats for a Healthy Mouth

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Halloween isn’t a very tooth-friendly holiday with the various sugar-coma inducing gummy candy, but that doesn’t mean you have to totally avoid it. When working with patients with braces or other orthodontics, it’s important to educate them on the food do’s and don’ts

But when Halloween and the holiday season coming up, we know they’ll be around a lot of temptation. To help your patients avoid a broken bracket — or something worse — here’s a list of halloween treats for a healthy mouth.

5 Characteristics of the Perfect Office Manager

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There’s a piece of your dental practice that’s more important than your tools, your materials, and even your patients: your office manager. Without an office manager, you won’t have tools, materials, and even patients. The perfect office manager will help create an environment where patients are the priority, you can focus on their care, and where the team feels valued. 

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