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Technology Spotlight: The Value of Digital Radiography in Dentistry

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Digital radiography is a growing sector of the dental technology industry, and offers an efficient work flow and improved file access. And while the dental x-ray market is projected to grow significantly over the coming years, there are a few hurdles digital x-ray systems need to overcome before they’re more readily used.

The Dentists’ Guide to Getting Reinspired

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Dentists are known as a group of passionate, skilled professionals, but even they at times need some help getting reinspired. There are moments, regardless of your love for the job, where you will wonder what you’re doing and if you’re having an effect on patients. We get it!

When you have your head down moving from patient to patient, it’s hard to get a full picture of what’s happening and how you’re helping.

So this is the dentists’ guide to getting reinspired.

Product Spotlight: Atlantis™ Abutments

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Atlantis™ abutments helps you manage costs without sacrificing quality and peace of mind. Made by Dentsply to their exacting standards in a FDA 510(k) facility, your patients will experience an ideal interface and fit with a number of dental implant platforms.

Made for over 50 platforms from ten major implant manufacturers, these dental implant abutments suit all patient needs. Manufacturers include Straumann®, Zimmer, Nobel Biocare®, and Camlog.

A Dental Case Study: Management of Dentin Hypersensitivity by National Dental PBRN

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Dentin hypersensitivity is a common encounter for many general dentistry practices. In an effort to further understand and identify treatment methods for dentin hypersensitivity, The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network recently completed a study with their clinicians. This study covered diagnosis, treatment, and pain outcomes for patients.

Using Custom Implant Abutments in Your Dental Practice

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When choosing the right implant abutment for your patients, custom dental abutments are designed to ideally suit anatomy and indications. At Keating Dental Arts, we work hand-in-hand with implant manufacturers like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Atlantis, and Biomet 3i to fabricate genuine custom abutments.

Dental Case Study: Factors for Successful Crowns

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There are a number of factors that determine a successful crown for dental patients. A study from The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network delved into patient, dentist, and la-boratory factors associated with successful cases. Because of the precise results needed from dental restorations, every step of the process is critical.

Product Spotlight: Nobel Biocare® System for Dental Implants

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The Nobel Biocare® implant system provides high quality dental implants in conjunction with our esthetic dental restorations. Built to withstand wear while providing a lifelike result, these products will help you offer the best in dental implants to your patients.

From case planning to final procedure, Nobel Biocare® will help you achieve high quality results every time.

A Dental Case Study: Impression Techniques for Single-Unit Crowns

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Dentistry is constantly evolving, and as a dental lab we want to share the relevant studies that can change our approach. These studies are applicable to dentists as well, because it shares how others are practicing, and if you may need to reevaluate your technique.

Using The Delineator for Optimal Dental Implant Success

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The Delineator offers optimal guidance and access to the implant area, while also acting as an esthetic temporary provisional. Carefully developed by our implant specialist, The Delineator offers you a guide to maximize implant success while offering your patient an affordable esthetic temporary.

Our goal at Keating Dental Arts is to provide your office with the tools you need to offer your patients the best results and service possible, including products like The Delineator.

Why We Use Ivoclar Vivadent and Ivocap for Our Dentures

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Denture fit is critical for your patient’s oral health, which is why we use Ivoclar products. In order to provide the highest quality dentures possible, we use Ivoclar’s base material for our Standard, Premium and Ultra Premium dentures, though only our Premium and Ultra Premium dentures feature the Ivocap injection system.

This product helps us achieve a unique and personal touch for each case, and offers optimal esthetics.

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