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Prominence of Technical Advisors: St. Patrick's Day Special

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Senior Technical Advisor, Brandon Fetters, joins us to demonstrate his passion for dentistry and the importance of his role in communication with dentists. As the middle man of advisement, Brandon, keeps a positive relationship with dentists and ensures that cases are flowing smoothly. His expertise of dentisrty and laboratory products boosts dentists' experience and advances the result of restorations. 

Successful Implant Solutions

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As more general practitioners are undertaking the complex task of placing their own implants, Keating's goal is to make sure that the restoration is done correctly from the beginning the first time. Althoough there are many implant companies that offer cheaper solutions, there are major set backs that will result in underling problems with restoration and/or patient. If we notice an issue that will cause problems when evaluating each case, we contact the doctor immediately to construct the best implant option that will work for the patient. 

Make Your Dentistry Delightful with Dr. Crossland

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Special guest and Keating's first account, Richard Crossland DDS joins us via Skype from Clearwater, Florida to discuss how Keating Dental Arts first began and the relationship Shaun and Richard have kept over the many years since. Dr. Crossland underlines the importnace of having an outstanding dental laboratory to succeed in your practice. 

Advance Your Dentures with Master Dental Technician

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With the complexity of denture cases, getting the desired result might be a challenge to many dentists. Jack Edwards CDT, MDT shares his vast knowledge of removables to create the perfect denture restoration and stresses the importance of doctor/laboratory communication and planning. 

Better Your Practice Today with Advice from Dr. Hirsch

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Continued growth is critical in dentistry, and we’re grateful Dr. Tom Hirsch could be with us on today’s Dental Up podcast. When Shaun and Dr. Hirsch met nearly fifteen years ago, we don’t think they realized how much they would be working together. In addition to some slight reminiscing, they also discussed the importance of precision in restoration dentistry, dental marketing, and continuing education.

Educating Your Way to High-Quality Patients in Your Dental Practice

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This week we have our last installment of our interview with Jacob Puhl, the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Firegang Dental Marketing. We’ve talked about dentistry as a business, quality of care, digital marketing practices, patient education, and creating a strong online presence. In this last conversation Jacob, we’re talking more about patient education, staff training, and retargeting advertising as a way to attract more high-quality patients.

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