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Family Practice: Third Generation Dentist

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Dr. Tracy Taddey DDS was raised in San Diego as a third-generation dentist, following in the footsteps of both her dad and grandfather. It has always been Dr. John and Dr. Tracy's wish to practice together in their hometown so Dr. Tracy, and her therapy dog, Mona Lisa, joined to form La Jolla's only father-daughter practice. Since joining the Keating team, Tracy was able to maximize her her productivity as a cosmetic specialist and is joining our Digital CE Course to implement digital technology techniques in impressing and anesthesia. 

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Google marketing: The Holy Grail

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Having opened two practices in Tampa, Florida with a 3rd on its way, Dr. John Cannariato DMD explains the importance of standing out through marketing and offering unique services. Dr. John Cannariato explains how his practice gained 250 reviews with a 4.9 star rating on Google and that it takes time to find the right advertising methods that will work for your practice. 

Join Dr. Jack Ringer DDS at Keating Dental Arts July 14 for a hands-on digital CE course. For more information click/tap

Demanding Patients: Need Vs. Want

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Past president and an accredited fellow of the AACD, Dr. Jack Ringer DDS, explains how to handle difficult and demanding patients through first consultations, setting realistic expectations and getting written approval at various stages. Jack also shares personal experience using Uveneer, a direct composite solution created for efficient aesthetic repairs in the anterior region. Join Dr. Jack Ringer at Keating Dental Arts July 14th for a hands-on digital CE course on a live patient. Go to for more information.

Going Fully Digital: A Dental Partnership

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With the experience of buying and owning a practice from associateship, Dr. Chadwick Williams DMD was able to build his own from the dirt up. While implementing the latest digital technologies allowed him to fabricate crowns in-house, Chad always looks to Keating for their technical support and unparallel crown restorations. He discusses his various marketing tactics both online and in the local community. 

Memorial Day Special: The Change to Digital Dentistry

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With over 21 years of service in the Navy and National Guard, Dr. Deanna Thomas DMD, spent time in Iraq and Baghdad serving as a dental officer. Her experience serving the nation has changed the perspective she had on life, making her appreciate everything we often take for granted. Currently, Deanna is running a practice in Hermitage, PA which recently made the major move to digital impression workflow.

Charity Work: A Helping Hand

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Airplane licensed pilot, Dr. Scott Bridges DMD, discusses his volunteer work with Smiles from the Heart clinic providing free dental care for those in need. As a dentist who has started various practices, Dr. Bridges advises that you should not start a practice directly out of school, but rather find an associate position to learn business operations and diverse your experience. Dr. Bridges shares other valuable tips for running your practice. 

Future of Digital Dentures

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With the power of CAD CAM computer technology, the future of digital dentures is extremely imminent. Shaun and leading members of Keating discuss the high probability of offering a seamless integrated digital denture system that will allow dentists to cut patient visits in half, maximize chair time, lower the cost of our product, increase precision and consistency without having to invest in expensive technology.


3M Mobile Scanner and African Adventure

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Co-host, Dr. Jack Ringer is back from his excursion to South Africa just in time for CDA Anaheim May 4th-6! Come check us out at booth 2230! 3M wins the Edison Award in the Diagnostic Tools category, honoring them for their innovation in the 3M Mobile True Definition scanner. This intraoral scanner gives clinicians the freedom to move within their facilities and helps patients understand the treatmentplan. Jack discusses his adventures in Africa at an elephant reserve with his son.

Dental Politics: Quality over Quantity

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With over 20 years of dental experience, Dr. Eric Markowitz, took over his father’s practice in Washington D.C. bring new specialties such as implant and reconstruction therapies. With the competitiveness of the dental industry, Eric believes specializing in only one area makes customer flow difficult to come by. On the other hand, to be politically smart, he does not do practice in all aspects as there are other specialists in the area. Dr. Markowitz also shares his knowledge on implementing changes gradually to allow adjustments in workflow and to keep debt low.

Chairside Milling Indications

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With the experience of implementing CAD CAM milling in his two practices, Dr. Peter Patellis DDS, shares indications and contraindications of using chairside milling solutions. Due to the unpredictable results, Dr. Patellis limits the usage of his CAD CAM milling machines, sending anterior and multi-unit cases to Keating for exceptional results. Dr. Patellis prefers to focus on his dentistry rather than creating restorations as it is not in his expertise and explains the importance of keeping debt low by not investing in unnecessary technology when starting a practice. 

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