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Future of Digital Dentures

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With the power of CAD CAM computer technology, the future of digital dentures is extremely imminent. Shaun and leading members of Keating discuss the high probability of offering a seamless integrated digital denture system that will allow dentists to cut patient visits in half, maximize chair time, lower the cost of our product, increase precision and consistency without having to invest in expensive technology.


3M Mobile Scanner and African Adventure

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Co-host, Dr. Jack Ringer is back from his excursion to South Africa just in time for CDA Anaheim May 4th-6! Come check us out at booth 2230! 3M wins the Edison Award in the Diagnostic Tools category, honoring them for their innovation in the 3M Mobile True Definition scanner. This intraoral scanner gives clinicians the freedom to move within their facilities and helps patients understand the treatmentplan. Jack discusses his adventures in Africa at an elephant reserve with his son.

Dental Politics: Quality over Quantity

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With over 20 years of dental experience, Dr. Eric Markowitz, took over his father’s practice in Washington D.C. bring new specialties such as implant and reconstruction therapies. With the competitiveness of the dental industry, Eric believes specializing in only one area makes customer flow difficult to come by. On the other hand, to be politically smart, he does not do practice in all aspects as there are other specialists in the area. Dr. Markowitz also shares his knowledge on implementing changes gradually to allow adjustments in workflow and to keep debt low.

Chairside Milling Indications

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With the experience of implementing CAD CAM milling in his two practices, Dr. Peter Patellis DDS, shares indications and contraindications of using chairside milling solutions. Due to the unpredictable results, Dr. Patellis limits the usage of his CAD CAM milling machines, sending anterior and multi-unit cases to Keating for exceptional results. Dr. Patellis prefers to focus on his dentistry rather than creating restorations as it is not in his expertise and explains the importance of keeping debt low by not investing in unnecessary technology when starting a practice. 

Young Dental Startup Dr. Casey Keating

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In 2012 at the age of 25, Dr. Casey Keating, graduated dental school and recently bought his own practice in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Although he had been practicing dentistry for five years at a veteran hospital, he was not fully prepared for the complexity of business ownership. Dr. Keating explains money should never be more important than happiness as it will reflect in your work. Dr. Keating attributes his happiness to the business decisions he chose based on his personal desire. 

Grow your Practice with Dr. Brian Rista DMD

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With 30 years of experience and two dental practices, Dr. Brian Rista DMD, explains the keys to success through hard work, dedication and an excellent business model. He shares the importance of analyzing past years to gain insight on what needs to be adapted and changed along with building your dream staff and a trusting relationship with your laboratory to deliver quality products.

Dental Revolutionary Dr. John Kanca DDS

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One of the founding members and 4th president of AACD, Dr. John Kanca DDS, discusses his early research papers about hardness and curing of composites written over 30 years ago.  In 1989, Dr. Kanca spoke about etching dentin at the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry was met with harsh opposition. As a pioneer in the dental industry, Dr. Kanca went on to create his own bonding solution and cementation that is now known nationwide as All-Bond. 

Overcoming Difficulties Starting a Dental Practice

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In 1976, Dr. Feffer started his own practice from the ground up knowing he wanted to head in his own direction. Although he had all the knowledge in dentistry, he was unsure how to market or run a business. Not wanting to compromise  quality and consistency, Dr. Feffer, used Keating Dental Arts from the beginning. He soon learned that he needed to be proactive about growing his business and came up with his own marketing strategies that have made his practice successful.

Prominence of Technical Advisors: St. Patrick's Day Special

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Senior Technical Advisor, Brandon Fetters, joins us to demonstrate his passion for dentistry and the importance of his role in communication with dentists. As the middle man of advisement, Brandon, keeps a positive relationship with dentists and ensures that cases are flowing smoothly. His expertise of dentisrty and laboratory products boosts dentists' experience and advances the result of restorations. 

Successful Implant Solutions

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As more general practitioners are undertaking the complex task of placing their own implants, Keating's goal is to make sure that the restoration is done correctly from the beginning the first time. Althoough there are many implant companies that offer cheaper solutions, there are major set backs that will result in underling problems with restoration and/or patient. If we notice an issue that will cause problems when evaluating each case, we contact the doctor immediately to construct the best implant option that will work for the patient. 

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