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Prominence of Technical Advisors: St. Patrick's Day Special

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This week we have Brandon Fetters, our Senior Technical Advisor at Keating Dental Arts, on our show. He works with our difficult cases and builds relationships with our doctors, and he does a great job. In the episode we discuss tips for the best dental restoration possible, how to get accurate shade taking, and why relationships are key in dentistry.

Successful Implant Solutions

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We’re thrilled to have Steven Tapie with us today. As the head of our Implant Department, Steve is the expert on what it takes to make the best dental implant possible. A thorough education is important when it comes to dental implants, as is choosing a quality material. Listen in as Shaun and Steve discuss all things dental implants, including how to get the best impression possible and some early career goofs they’ve made

Make Your Dentistry Delightful with Dr. Crossland

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Some may believe the basics of dentistry are boring, but Dr. Rick Crossland sees differently. There’s a chance to find the excitement in your work every day, especially with the advancements in dental restorations. In this episode we discuss the nuts and bolts of dentistry, technology, and the importance of building a relationship with a quality lab.

Advance Your Dentures with Master Dental Technician

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We’re thrilled to have Keating Dental Arts’ Director of Education, Jack Edwards, with us today. He’s worked with removables for most of his career, and has a number of helpful tips to prepare successful denture cases. Preparation and communication are key for dentures, and we hope this is a helpful resource for you while providing your patients with denture care.

Shaun Keating CDT and Dean Tassey discusses using CAD/CAM Technology for Dental Restorations

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We’re grateful to have Dean Tassey, our CAD/CAM manager here at Keating Dental Arts, with us discussing CAD/CAM technology and the growth of digital dentistry. As this sector of the industry continues to grow, it’s going to have more of a positive impact on the quality of dental restorations. We also talk about getting your dental practice into digital scanners, and the factors to consider.

Shaun Keating CDT and Bob Brandon GM Talk Implant Solutions

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There is a lot of information available about dental implants and the best way to perform them, but it can be a confusing amount of information to sort through. This week we’re talking about this and more with Bob Brandon, Keating Dental Arts’ General Manager. Communication and preparation are key for a successful case, and this is why.

Shaun Keating CDT + Jack Ringer DDS Talk Dental Marketing

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At Keating Dental Arts, we believe that a dentist’s continuing education is crucial. We’re thrilled to be working with Dr. Jack Ringer, an accomplished dentist with a passion for educating fellow dentists. In this second installment, we’re discussing the importance of marketing and social media for a dental practice, and how it's changing the dental industry.

Shaun Keating CDT + Jack Ringer DDS Talk AACD & Smile Design

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At Keating Dental Arts, we believe that a dentist’s continuing education is crucial. We’re thrilled to introduce Dr. Jack Ringer, who will be working with us this upcoming year to share educational content. Throughout his career, Dr. Ringer has not only built his own practice, but has also worked with multiple educational organizations, making him the ideal dentist to work with.

Using a Diode Laser to Treat Aphthous Ulcers

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Diode lasers are incredibly versatile, including treating aphthous ulcers, also known as cold sores. While not life threatening, aphthous ulcers can be very uncomfortable for patients and a diode laser can offer quick relief for them. This technique will also treat any bacteria or viral component in the aphthous lesion, offering your patients a superior way to treat their aphthous ulcers.

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