March Madness 2018

March Madness 2018

You could win up to $100,000 and more!!! 


Once again, Thanks to Shaun Keating from Keating Dental Arts for sponsoring this years NCAA Tourney Pick-Em!!  

On Dentaltown we can’t really have open pool in a public forum like this as the FBI would not like it. With Shaun’s support we can all have some fun rooting for our Alma Maters or favorite teams!!!

Here is the login link:

Join KDA Dentaltown here!!

The Pool Name is KDA Dentaltown

Password is keatingrocks all lower case.


If you are having difficulty signing up or logging in, email me at


Scoring will be standard pool scoring, no upset bonuses. 

Round 1: 1 point


Round 2: 2 points

Round 3: 4 points


Round 4: 8 points

Round 5: 16 points

Championship Game: 32 points.

Tiebreaker: Closest to picking the final score. 

So Thanks to Keating Dental Arts, prize money will be awarded as follows.

1st Place $3000
2nd Place $2000
3rd Place $1000
4th Place $500
5th Place $250

$100,000 BONUS PRIZE for picking a Perfect Bracket!

If ANYONE in the KDA Dentaltown Pool, (dentist or non-dentist) should win the Perfect Bracket Challenge, the top placing dentist in the pool will win up to $5000 per month of FREE LABWORK from Keating Dental Arts!!  For Life!! 


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