Keating Custom Abutments

CAD/CAM Custom Designed Titanium Abutments

Keating Custom Abutments Overview

Most dental implants include three pieces – the implant that goes in the bone, the abutment that holds the tooth, and the crown that attaches to the abutment

Keating Custom Abutments are now offered by our lab and they are all going to be CAD/CAM custom designed titanium abutments. The fit and the connection is superior compared to knock-off abutments or even stock abutments. And with the extra clinical screw, it’s hands down a better abutment.

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The Design and Development Process

The process is similar to majority of the implants done at Keating Dental Arts.

  • We take the fixture level impression or a digital scan
  • This is submitted to the Keating Custom Abutment department
  • They fabricate the abutment and have it milled out

Our authentic titanium abutment comes with an extra clinical final screw that is a culmination screw. So there is a lab screw and a clinical screw that are both certified for the mouth. One will be in the model with the crown and one will be in a sealed packet stating clinical screw.

When the customers receive the case back, they can unscrew the abutment from the model, use the brand new screw that is in the separate packaging so there is no confusion and they are using a brand new clinical screw every time they deliver one of our cases.

What are the Doctors saying about this?

We have been monitoring 4-5 doctors, case by case. We call them after they see the abutment and their feedback has been excellent. They love it!

It’s generally more retentive. We can design the axial walls with anything from 1 to 6 degrees of taper so we can get a real nice and accurate fitting restoration on top.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is the same as what we have been receiving from the big name players like Atlantis, Nobel and Strauman. The estimated turnaround time is around 9 days in the lab.

This gives us time to scan, design and fabricate the abutment, get it back to the laboratory, where we finish the crown. They look fantastic when they come out of the mill. They require no extra polishing or finishing and we can even anodize them so they turn into a deep rich yellow color that looks really nice under an all ceramic restoration

How to buy the Keating Custom Abutment?

If you want a Keating Custom Abutment, we don’t have a box to check off on the lab slips. We just need you to write Keating Custom Abutment and whatever type of monolithic restoration you want. If you want a high strength, go with the regular Bruxer, or if you want a high translucent, go with the Bruxer Aesthetic.

We can also do these screw retained or cement retained. If we can’t do them, we’ll call and go over the alternatives.

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