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Trefoil™ Overview

Full-Arch, Fixed Bridge Technology for Titanium Prosthesis

Keating Dental Arts is proud to introduce Trefoil, the latest in full-arch, fixed bridge technology. Trefoil is a pre-manufactured, titanium prosthesis. It’s designed and tested to fit the natural shape and curve of the mandible. It offers a time and cost-effective solution which eliminates patient wait time between implant surgery and placement of prosthetics. Your patient will walk out of your clinic with a full set of teeth in one sitting.

Now your fixed-removable patients can enjoy permanent, implant-assisted complete prosthetic teeth. The benefits of Trefoil greatly outweigh the costs and advantages of conventional alternatives. Many patients hesitate and refuse a removable overdenture, all-on-4 implants, or traditional bridges for financial and time-sensitive reasons.

Implant Placement and Restorations in One Visit

Traditionally, treatment requires a 3-6 month wait period between implant placement and the placement of the final prosthesis. In the meantime, the patient requires a provisional, removable denture. This means that the patient must undergo multiple procedures and wait up to 6 months for a permanent solution to tooth loss.

With Trefoil’s efficiency, there’s a shorter time to fully functional teeth. The implant placement and fixed, definitive restoration can be done in one visit for most patients where bone grafting is not required.

Flexible Implant Fit

Previously, pre-manufactured bars posed a challenge with fit. Trefoil is a pre-manufactured product, however, it is remarkably adjustable with a flexible implant fit that can adjust to common size variations in the jaw.

Now you can accommodate patient preferences and circumstances by providing a cost-effective, same day solution. Less chair time also lets you treat more patients more effectively. Stay at the forefront of your profession, give more options to your patients with Trefoil.

Trefoil™ Specifications


  • Full set of teeth in one day.
  • Cost-efficient
  • Fast, effective and permanent.
  • Passive fit for different jaw sizes.
  • Proven strength.
  • Fewer surgeries, short treatment time, high success rate.
  • Top quality, fixed solution.


  • Trefoil is a pre-manufactured prosthesis made entirely out of titanium, similar to our abutments.
  • 3 supporting implants.

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Trefoil™ Product FAQ

Durable Strength For Maximum Performance

Trefoil can maintain strength and stability when it’s put under pressure. In both the ‘no compensation’ and ‘maximum compensation’ models, strength remains almost equal. Maximum compensation happens when the implant is slanted to accommodate a larger jaw size. Even on a slant, Trefoil maintains it’s strength and stays securely in place. This is revolutionary in full-arch technology.

Durable Strength For Maximum Performance

The fixed size of Trefoil is compatible with up to 80% of the population. It is best for the common “U” shaped jaw size. Trefoil is incredibly stable as the 3 implants form a triangle. The three implants are parallel and contribute to high levels of stability. Trefoil uses large diameter implants and a 5mm thick bar.


Pre-Manufactured With Revolutionary Fit

Trefoil is the first manufactured bar with a passive fit. Trefoil is unique in the sense that it contains adaptive joints that can adjust the implants for horizontal, verticle and angular differentiations from the ideal implant position. Trefoil has five joints that can adjust to each specific patient. They help to correct the position of the pre-manufactured bar.

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