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KDZ Bruxer® SRZ Overview


KDZ Bruxer® SRZ

Eliminate the risk of implant failure caused by excess subgingival cementation with KDZ Bruxer® SRZ screw-retained zirconia. Featuring a CAD/CAM designed Bruxer full-contour zirconia crown mounted on a fully compatible titanium base, every KDZ Bruxer® SRZ is backed by a three-year warranty.

Every package includes:

  • Restoration; design & fabrication
  • Screw and Ti interface
  • Soft tissue model

KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic SRZ crowns are also available for cases where you require high-translucency solutions.

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Video Notes:

What I'm going to talk about today is something we're very excited about at Keating, and that is our KDZ screw retained zirconia crown, or for short, SRZ. You know, more and more clinicians now, especially on the West Coast, are recommending screw retained implant abutments or implant crowns, especially in the posterior. The problem in the past was where either you had a metal abutment, and we had to put a PFM over it, which compromise aesthetics, or we would use a monolithic zirconium dioxide crown abutment that tended to fracture where the abutment, the zirconia met the titanium implant.

The nice thing about the SRZ is that we go ahead and use a titanium base that then has a channel, a screw hole channel, and then we fabricate a zirconium dioxide crown over that metal base. Now I made this a little larger than it needs to be. This is only about 2 mm that can actually hide underneath the tissue, but as we design this, you still have the screw hole. You've got titanium against titanium, so you've got this titanium platform which is not going to break. You've got this screw hole through the zirconia, and this zirconia can either be our traditional or what we call our KDZ Bruxer, which is our strongest material, that would be for second molars or patients who tend to break everything, or we can do the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic, and this is the one that I prefer. It's still very, very strong, almost twice as strong as e.max. We know that it's successful and has a long prognosis, yet we get more translucency. The fact that this little channel or chimney is so thin, we get a bulk of zirconia, and the more translucent it's going to be, the more aesthetics we're going to get.

This is something that you might look to in your next posterior screw retained implant crown. The nice thing about this, we give you the screw, we give you the titanium insert, the zirconia crown is already bonded to that titanium, so it's only one piece.

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